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AdvancedTek AE Pro Tips: New DraftGrey Material and GrabCAD Print Available for Objet30 V3 Users

AdvancedTek AE Pro Tip Jan 2021
January 18, 2021 News

If you are the current owner of an Objet30 Pro/Prime V3 Desktop PolyJet 3D Printer then I have some great news for you! Stratasys has recently released a FREE update that will connect your system to the highly beneficial GrabCAD Print preparation software as well as give you the ability to print in the new lower cost DraftGrey material. 

Not familiar with GrabCAD Print? This 3D printing software is the replacement for Objet Studio and has many benefits in addition to having an updated UI:

  • Import common CAD files (no longer STL only)
  • Improved time and material estimations
  • Remote print-job management
  • Larger models
  • Mobile app
  • STL repair tool
  • Automatic updates
  • Multiple language support
  • NEW DraftGrey material

                Not having to convert every file to STL in order to 3D Print is certainly one of my favorite features of GrabCAD Print!

                GrabCAD Print with Objet30 V3

                GrabCAD Print with Objet30 V3

                Vero DraftGrey is the newer, low-cost material originally released on the larger PolyJet Systems that is now available on the Objet30 Pro/Prime V3 and up.  It’s roughly half the cost of other resins coming in around 0.17 USD/gram!  The Grey color also makes fine features stand out, making DraftGrey an excellent choice for low cost concept models. 

                DraftGrey and full color concept models

                DraftGrey Material (far left) concept modeling compared to full color models (far right)

                So how do you get this free update? It’s simple!

                1. If you don’t already have GrabCAD Print, download and sign up for free here
                2. Connect your printer to GrabCAD Print (instructions here)
                3. Order DraftGrey Material (OBJ-4073 – Pack of 2 RGD750) here or call/email your order, 651-489-6990/

                If you have any questions about the process or added capabilities and material, please reach out to your AdvancedTek sales rep or contact us at 651-489-6990/

                Not sure which Objet30 version you have?  Check the label found on the back of your printer, near the power cable. Still not sure? We’re happy to look it up for you, just contact us!

                Written by David Kadlec, AdvancedTek Application Engineer

                Posted by Heather Adams