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AdvancedTek AE Perspective: F770 Early Beta Experience

August 2, 2021 News


In the Spring of 2021, Stratasys launched a brand new large format FDM system, the F770, geared towards lowering the price barrier to reliable large format FDM printing.  AdvancedTek was lucky enough to get our hands on an early beta unit this past January and put over 2,000 hours of printing on it prior to the official Stratasys launch. Needless to say, we are very excited about this system and how it will impact our customers!

Bringing Large Format FDM In-house

Most FDM users with a need for large parts either split the job and bond the pieces together post-print, increasing their time-to-part and reducing the part’s strength, or they turn to a service bureau at a much higher cost. Those that have large format FDM solutions in-house may be able to print their part in one build, but often have to deal with high user intervention and/or low printer reliability. Many have told us the success rate for these large format printers is less than 50% – that is a lot of wasted time and material! The Stratasys F770 allows users to bring the capability of printing large parts in-house in an easy-to-use platform with the reliability and consistency of Stratasys FDM technology.  This can save a business a considerable amount of time and money!   In our now 3,000+ hours’ experience with our F770, we’ve seen a >95% print success rate without needing to tweak and dial in printer settings for large parts. 

For an early beta system back in January 2021, the Stratasys F770 quickly impressed us with its reliability and part quality.  The familiar F123 print heads and Stratasys architecture made it extremely easy for us to begin running this completely new, yet very intuitive, system.  Whether it was many small parts, or a large prototype, the F770 printed an accurate part reliably the first time.   

Complementary FDM System for Existing Customers

The Stratasys F770 complements our existing FDM portfolio, especially for our Fortus users.  Larger ABS/ASA prototypes and fixtures make up a majority of our requests so this allows us to dedicate our Fortus 450mc and F900 printers to jobs requiring engineering-grade or performance materials like ULTEM 1010 or Nylon 12CF.    


Quick System Specs

  • 2,000 lbs crated (forklift required for un-crating)
  • 3 Phase 208V Power
  • Heated Build Envelope :  1000 x 610 x 610 mm or 39.4 x 24 x 24 in
  • Model Materials:  ABS Black and ASA Ivory (200 in³ boxes)
  • Support Material: SR-30 Soluble Support (200 in³ boxes)
  • Layer Resolution:  .007” , .010” and .013”
  • Software:  GrabCAD Print, Insight, and Control Center
  • ~$90k Price Point (printer only)

If you’d like to see the F770 for yourself, please reach out to your sales rep or contact us us to schedule a demo at / 651-489-6990.

Published by David Kadlec, Application Engineer

Posted by Heather Adams