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AdvancedTek Adds Formech Vacuum Formers to Its Line-up

January 1, 2019 News

AdvancedTek’s commitment to offering the best 3D printing technologies and complementary products has led to the addition of Formech vacuum formers to its line-up.

Formech, established in 1982, is a designer and manufacturer of vacuum forming machinery.  The company has worked closely with the world’s leading material, tooling and trade formers to develop a range of thermoforming machines, which are easy to use and deliver consistent results with the most challenging applications.

The combination of 3D printing and vacuum forming brings new possibilities for creativity and versatility in tool design with cost effective and easy replication. FDM 3D printing technology allows users to create “purposeful porosity” in the tool in order to allow vacuum to pull uniformly over the entire surface of the mold. Most low temp or thin gauge materials like PET or Polystyrene can be formed using Stratasys’ standard and engineering grade materials. Even high temp and heavy gauge materials like Kydex or TPO can be formed using Stratasys high performance materials with Formech systems. 

Visit our Formech webpage to learn more about the vacuum formers we offer or schedule your demo today!

Posted by Heather Adams